Sexual Integrity

What is sexual integrity?

Want to stop or got caught having an affair or watching porn?
Have troubling sexual fantasies?
Have no desire to even think about sex?
Does shame engulf the wonders of sex?

It seems our culture is all over the place with what sex is.
Some say its just a physical act that "releases" tension.
Others say its a spiritual connection between two people.
Does sex have to be framed as a genital thing?
How do we deal with what Jesus was getting at in Matthew 5:28?

Sex is not only one of the most talked about social issues today, but it is also a very personal thing.
The question is, "are we living and doing what we think our beliefs are telling us"?
Do we even know what our beliefs are?
Do we have "Sexual Integrity"?

Let's get started answering some of these questions and begin the relational healing process.
And oh - This isn't just a male issue.

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