Initial Session: $150.00 (60 minutes)

Following Sessions: $125.00 (60 minutes)

Groups: $25 - $45 per group (depending on group) (Group participation requires an intake session-see above-to determine fit).

Online Sessions Fees: Client must be in Virginia during session.
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Insurance Information:

We are not in-network providers for any insurance company.

We have several individuals who utilize their out-of-network benefits to assist with reimbursements.

We will provide you with a receipt that gives you the information your insurance company requires.

Please note:
Marriage or relationship counseling is not covered by most insurance companies.
Insurance companies require a person to receive a medical diagnosis to reimburse.
A person can be treated for depression, anxiety, or other medical conditions with other family members present; however, the therapist needs to focus on treatment of the disorder and not primarily the marital relationship.